An Australian company with a passion for innovative, healthy and tasty snacks. Our mission: to create, shape and guide a brand identity reflective of this ambition. In just 2 years we've helped Fine Fettle grow from market stall to suppliers for over 50 major Australian retailers and Qantas Airlines. Branding, strategy, design, art direction and more.

A new-media company in need of a re-brand. Tired of being mistaken for "those guys that make video for websites",
About Face required a new proposition, logo and online presence to reflect their innovative approach to content marketing.
Branding, art direction, design and more.

A celebrity-endorsed t-shirt campaign from fashion retailer H&M. Aimed at promoting safe sex and AIDS awareness, each
t-shirt carries a unique thought, motto or design from a famous musician. We helped two of these musicians develop designs.
T-Shirt design.

A newly formed film production company that see themselves a bit like a library. Identity, design and more.

A unique composing company that specialise in making handcrafted music scores for film and tv required a new identity and website, something to convey their unique and playful approach. Find out more at Identity and design.

We love sleep, but don't you ever wonder what goes on whilst you're dozing? Our series of hand illustrated duvet designs explore the mysterious world of nightmares, dreams and things that go bump in the night. Coming to a bed near you soon.

Bluemark is a U.S. based production company specializing in independent film. Amongst other things, we've worked with Bluemark on three feature films. Poster design, site design, promotional materials and more.

A new take on ping-pong. Rather than the municipal sports hall environment usually associated with table tennis, The Racket Club proposes to step things up a notch by offering more discerning players a place to play, enjoy an apéritif or socialise.
Branding, identity, exterior/interior design, merchandise and more.